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House move to France

We called Jen in to help us deal with the overwhelm of clearing a house we’d lived and worked in for 19 years. We were moving to France and it wasn’t possible to take everything with us, but just looking at the numerous choices and the mammoth task made me feel like lying down and hiding under the duvet!

Jen’s calm, reassuring presence got things moving and whenever I got stuck I’d call and she’d arrive - like Mary Poppins. 

Jen gently helped us to move through the paralysis and we discovered we were motivated to keep going.

Without her we’d have either paid a fortune to bring all our rubbish with us or I’d have had a breakdown.

And the bonus? Jen’s great sense of humour!  I can’t recommend her enough.

Meg Odling-Smee, France

Craft Room

Jen worked with me over a number of sessions to bring order from the disorder. Together we looked at various storage solutions considering how I would be using the sewing and craft supplies. Together we worked out the best plan for my needs.  For example, one of the jobs that needed to be undertaken was ensuring that various sewing accessories such as threads from my collection as well as my grandmother's and mother's collections, were all together.  

During the sessions Jen encouraged me to really consider what needed to be kept and what could go, and to look at options for the best way to arrange stuff. Throughout the process I felt that I was the one in control and all decisions were mine and mine alone. Since completing the initial organisation, I have taken the skills Jen assisted me to develop to continue with the rest of the house and to review where I am at.

​Rooms that once overwhelmed me and prevented me from crafting are now rooms that are well used and once again, I’m crafting away.

MF - Deddington

Office revamp

It was my absolute pleasure to help a local client reclaim their office space.

Also, it was amazing and super rare to be filmed doing it!

I hope you enjoy seeing me in action.


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