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Study Room


General organising and decluttering

I can help you reclaim your home, one room, or one cupboard at a time. 

We'll review the room’s purpose, how you imagine it looking, how you want to use the space, and how you’d like to deal with your belongings.  We work at a pace that achieves change but doesn't overwhelm you.

Lifestyle changes

You may be thinking about selling your home, downsizing or resizing, or be expanding your family.  In all of these cases I can help you to review the items you have in your home and create better space for you.
Sadly, you may need some help to remove personal and household items following a bereavement.  I can work sensitively with you to help you keep those so important personal or family treasures and filter out the items you can let go of.

Paperwork and filing

Home paperwork can be time consuming and challenging to sort out.  I can help you to manage the flow of paperwork coming into your home by looking at what can be moved online or what existing paperwork can be safely archived or removed.  I can suggest different ways of storing your paperwork so that you can easily find important documents when you need to.

Small business support

Running a small business and your office or work area isn't quite functioning for you?  I can also support you in organising your work spaces so that you can find what you need, when you need it. 

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